From March 30, 2019: Our new show :


Two passionate birds have joined their skills - and their parrots - to create a great spectacle rich in color, sweetness and emotion, and which ends with a free-flowing faerie of birds: Fabrice TRAPP, that the visitors of the Zoo d Amnéville know well, and Juan GUTIERREZ, one of the most famous parrot trainers in Europe.


About 15 parrots (Chloroptera, macaos and araraunas, white-crested cockatoo, blue-fronted amazon) compose the show, which is presented in the grandiose setting of the "TIGERWORLD" room with 2,000 seats. Remember that the room is heated in winter, air conditioned in summer.

First, against the backdrop of digital projections and special effects evoking the jungle and the climatic upheavals, the narrator declares some educational notions about parrots: what characterizes them, how they live, the threats that weigh on them because deforestation and trafficking.

Then the parrots arrive "à tire d'ailes" and join their caretakers: Fabrice and Juan, the same passion, the same sweetness with the birds, an incredible complicity with their parrots! For nearly 30 minutes, it's actually a game between birds and their healers: a game designed to showcase the beauty of parrots and their natural abilities: they are climbers, playful, very intelligent.

Visitors, most often children, are invited to participate in certain exercises: an unforgettable moment!

The final is magical, with a dozen parrots flying through the room, and joining one by one the hand of their healers.

« A TIRE D’AILES », it's half an hour of pure wonder. A tribute to the beauty and intelligence of parrots.

From March 30, 2019: one to three shows per day according to the influx.