Champion of the high jump

The caracal is an excellent jumper. From a standing start, he can propel himself into the air at up to 3 metres in height! Sweeps from his agile and fast paw allow him to capture numerous birds in one go. And when he is chasing his prey on the ground, one or two bounds by the caracal are enough to seize it.
Well-adapted to dry climates, the caracal is capable of doing without water for long periods and contenting himself with the moisture from his prey.


Despite its status of “Minor Concern”, the caracal is not immune from those threats weighing upon other species. In fact, the caracal is also losing progressively more of its habitat every year and is still hunted. In Africa, for example, it is one species that is sought after by trophy hunters, but farmers cull them too, as this big cat can sometimes attack domestic animals.