A born sprinter

The cheetah is known for being the fastest land animal on the planet. This ability is due to its unusual physique, built for speed. In contrast to other big cats, its claws do not retract. This peculiarity allows it to minimise its paw size and therefore its contact with the ground. The prominent claws grip the ground and magnify the propulsion from its powerful and sleek limbs. Thus, it can reach speeds close to 110kmph.

A specialist in danger

Its advanced rapid hunting technique forces the cheetah only to hunt prey that only it can catch. Its physique does not make it powerful enough to attack larger prey. It is thus ultra-specialised. Like all specialised animals, it is incapable of adapting fast enough to changes in its environment caused by Man and is thus one of the first to be affected. In 2019, only 7,100 individuals were counted, compared with 100,000 at the start of the 20th century.