Parc temporairement fermé - Ré-ouverture le 19 Mai

The Zoo is open!

For everyone safety, wearing a mask is mandatory within the zoo.

The Zoo has re-opened its doors. This re-opening is happening on a gradual basis and under specific health and safety instructions. So initially, the shows and experiences will not take place. The restaurant will only offer takeaways.

Implementing health instructions has been done by all the Zoo’s teams.  These measures aim to guarantee visitors’ safety, but also that of all the Zoo’s staff and obviously that of our animals.

To re-open under the best possible conditions, we are counting on your being understanding and playing your part.

Rules to be observed during your visit


Wearing a mask is mandatory within the zoo


Please follow the one-way system as indicated


Maintain a distance of at least one metre


Pay contactlessly if possible


Wash your hands as regularly as you can


Do not touch the windows


Do not feed the animals


Observe the maximum number of people per building


Walk on the right on paths


Keep an eye out for instructions


Help your child to observe these measures


Contact us in the event of a problem:
03 87 70 25 60

Any exit is final

What has changed for your visit

One-way system

In order to ease the flow of visitors and keep social distancing, a one-way system has been introduced. Please observe it and do not go in the opposite direction.

Zoo d'Amneville - Parc

Experiences and shows

The attendance level at experiences and shows does not allow social distancing, so experiences and shows at the Zoo cannot take place.


Takeaways using fresh, local produce

Sanitiser gel

Sanitiser gel is available throughout your visit. At the Zoo entrance, entrance to buildings, toilets, picnic areas, etc.

I have some questions

The length of your membership has automatically been extended for a length of time equal to that of the Zoo being closed.

If you already have your ticket, simply go to the cashier with it.