Welcome to Amneville Zoo,
one of the greatest in Europe

Open all day, every day, whatever the weather!*


Within a fabulous tropical universe of cliffs, waterfalls, wooden pontoons and prehistoric caves, a huge, comfortable and temperate room can be found. Inside, one man and 10 tigers are the actors in a breath-taking show: an extraordinary demonstration of the tender dressage of these big cats, destined to show off the beauty and physical capacities of these animals. Enormous technical and artistic resources accompany the show with spectacular décor and breath-taking special effects. To this day, no-one in the world had dared to enter into a large group of wild cats in such a fantastic environment where poetry meets the violence of the unleashed elements. The tigers’ arrival is preceded by an educational pre-show with video projections on a 43-metre big screen. Comprised of several educational spaces and an adventure trail for children, the aim is to make the public aware and educate the on tiger protection. TigerWorld is a vibrant tribute to a species in danger of extinction.

*Shows and talks are available from 11th February to the 11th November. Please see the ‘shows and talks’ page here.