Siberian Tiger

The biggest feline on the planet

Tigers are the largest representatives of the big cats and this Siberian sub-species dominates all the others with a weight approaching 350kg. Difficult to observe in the immensity of its territory, it made headlines by appearing in snowy terrain. Its dense fur, large stature and huge paws in the shape of a racket make it perfectly suited to this hostile environment.

Tigers, symbols of biodiversity in retreat

The unrivalled reputation of this magnificent predator makes it the perfect ambassador for wildlife that is as beautiful as it is fragile. 3 of the 9 tiger sub-species have already disappeared off the face of the Earth, with the 6 others not facing good prospects. Humans endlessly encroach upon the territory of these big cats, who in search of enough prey, must roam vast distances. Even though the Bengal Tiger saw its population grow over several years at the cost of a great deal of effort, the Sumatran Tiger, on the other hand, is on the verge of extinction, with fewer than 400 representatives in the wild.