White Rhinoceros

A glimmer of hope

Although most of the other rhinoceros species are on the verge of decline, the white rhinoceros has seen its population in constant growth. Firm measures taken by governments of those countries playing host to these animals in the wild, exemplary investment from associations, as well as the financial contribution from zoological gardens, all now seem to be paying off. They are today classified as Near Threatened with close to 20,000 individuals, whereas they were almost extinct in 1885 with only 20 surviving individuals in a private reserve.

As short-sighted as moles!

These giants with a sensitive and loving nature can often be particularly aggressive. This reaction is a characteristic necessary for survival. The rhinoceros has very bad eyesight, yet lives in a hostile environment. If in doubt about a threat to its life, it employs the doctrine that “attack is the best form of defence”.