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Zoo d'Amneville - Manchot

As clumsy on land as they are graceful under water… Here are our penguins!
Two viewing perspectives during feeding: underwater, in order to see them catch fish, or on terra firma, when they are fed by hand.


Zoo d'Amneville - Animaux - Gorille

An incredible experience, during which you help feed the gorillas at Amnéville Zoo. Amazing views of feeding time, which allow you to see them at a few centimetres from the glass.


Zoo d'Amneville - Animaux - Loups

Whether hunted down or poisoned, the wolf disappeared from France in 1930. Since its return to our country in 1992, it has caused widespread debate.
The scapegoat of herdsmen, it is persecuted today, even though it is an endangered animal.
Discover this fascinating species during feeding time with a commentary.


Zoo d'Amneville - Animaux - Hippopotames

An incredible bond has developed between our family of hippopotamuses and presenters.
These gluttons swallow several kilos of apples and salads in a few minutes!