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Our history

Discover the story of a team of passionate people
at the service of 2000 animals

37 years of history

A combination of Michel LOUIS’s childhood dream and Jean-Marc VICHARD’s passion for animals, the Parc Zoologique d’Amnéville opened its doors on June 28, 1986.

Today, the 18-hectare zoo boasts some 2,000 animals from all five continents. It represents one of the greatest biodiversities in France, with an average of 300 species across the park.

Between 100 and 160 people are employed year-round to ensure the animals’ well-being. They are also responsible for preparing your visit, so that you are welcomed in the best possible conditions. An average of 400,000 visitors are expected each year, curious to discover each of our species!

All professions

From the management team to the caretakers and maintenance team, every trade is represented: the Zoo is a designer, architect, earthworker, bricklayer, roofer, welder, locksmith, plumber, electrician, decorator, landscaper, veterinarian, ethologist, cook, graphic designer, salesman, accountant, film-maker, press officer, educator, etc…

For example, the gigantic “Orang-Utan’ Jungle” installation was built entirely by the zoo’s technical team, from the foundations to the roof of the building.

The park over the years

1986 - Creation of the park

Founded by Michel LOUIS & Jean-Marc VICHARD with 200 animals.

1987 - Launch of the conservation program

Participation in an initial conservation program through financial support. "SOS Faucon pèlerin is an association committed to the reintroduction of falcons and lynx in the Jura.

1990 - Top 10 French zoos

Arrival of new species: Siberian tiger, wild dogs, Chilean flamingos.
Visitor numbers top the 200,000 mark, making Amnéville one of France's 10 most visited zoos.

1996 - Arrival of the hippos

To celebrate its 10th anniversary and the park's success, the zoo welcomes its first large mammal: the hippopotamus.

1997 - Creation of the vivarium

Opening of a 900 m² tropical vivarium with around 30 terrariums for reptiles from all over the world. Few changes have been made since its opening.

1999 - Polar Bear Space

Opening of a 1300 m² area, divided into two enclosures, for polar bears. polar bears. The main enclosure features a waterfall and a pool of 20x6m.
The same year saw the first parrot show.

2000-2003 - Creation of Plaine Africaine

Construction of the African zone began with the arrival of the elephants in 2000. Zoo d'Amnéville has also lent its support to a second conservation program: "Help Congo", for the protection of chimpanzees.
In 2001, the African plain was extended to accommodate giraffes, zebras, Lechwe's cobes, crowned cranes, ostriches and antelopes.
In 2003, the area was extended with the arrival of one of the world's largest land mammals: the White Rhinoceros. This also marked the beginning of the park's support for the "Kalaweit" association, which has been working to safeguard biodiversity in Indonesia since 1998.

2004 - Opening of the American Forest

The North American zone, known as the American Forest, opens its doors to the public. The park is home to arctic wolves, bison, lynx, Canada otters, raccoons and porcupines. porcupines.
The zoo also supports a marine mammal conservation program: "Vida Sylvestre Argentina".

2005 - Opening of the Bay of Sea Lions

A 5,000 m² arena with a million-liter tank for a sea lion show opens its doors. It welcomes a mixed group of California and Patagonian sea lions.
In addition, a 2,500 m² area is set aside for the presentation of wild dogs, porcupines, bush pigs and African parrots.

2007 - Inauguration of the Orang Outan Jungle

The orangutan jungle is complete. This 6,000 m2 structure is divided into four indoor enclosures and two large outdoor enclosures housing orangutans, gibbons and grey otters.
It's one of the largest facilities in Europe, with movement areas adapted to the needs of the species.

2009 - Creation of the Les Ailes du Monde zone

Opening of the "Predators of the Sky" area, covering more than 20,000m².
Over the years, Zoo d'Amnéville has extended its financial support to new conservation programs: "Oïkoveva" (Argentine carnivores) carnivores), "Kenya Wildlife Service" (Kenyan rhinos), "Tapir Conservation Project" (Brazil), "Painted Dog Conservation" (wild dogs), "Awely - des animaux et des hommes" (gorillas, tigers, human-animal conflicts), "Ikamaperu", etc.

2012 - Gorilla'camp

One of the zoo's biggest investments is completed: a 10,000 m2 gorilla structure. It comprises three large indoor boxes, three outdoor enclosures and nine night boxes of different sizes..

2014 - Arrival of Gelada baboons

Amnéville becomes the first zoo in the world to support tiger conservation: 4 programs funded, to the tune of €110,000 per year!

2015 - Tiger world

Construction of TigerWorld, an exceptional 2,000-seat showroom for tigers.

2016 - Arrival of Bearded Vultures

The park is home to Europe's largest birds of prey, Bearded Vultures, which are being reintroduced into the wild.

2017 - The Bear Forest

Opening of the zoo's last major project: the 3,500 m2 Bear Forest, divided into two enclosures linked by a central building.

2020 - Acquisition by prudentia capital

After a number of difficult years for the Zoo d'Amnéville, the arrival of Prudentia Capital as a shareholder sounded like the promise of better days ahead.
Unfortunately, COVID 19 hit the planet, forcing the Zoo to close its doors for the very first time, even though it had been open non-stop 365 days a year.

2021 - Extended Reality World & Play Area

Despite 7 months of closure and uncertainty as to the duration of the pandemic, the ambition is intact, and the teams have worked hard to provide the public with some great surprises: XXL playground, new signage, giraffe footbridge, conure aviary, expanded educational activities program and a show that's unique in the world: a 300m² holographic cinema.

2022 - New Arctic zone and other new features

The polar bears are back at Amnéville Zoo with the arrival of 2 specimens and the complete renovation of their enclosure, the arctic wolves have been extended to give more room to our magnificent pack, and our little visitors have access to an immersive mini-farm. Projects are in full swing, and we're preparing for the future.

2023 - Luminescences Festival and animal novelties

This year was a landmark one for Amnéville Zoo, thanks to the arrival of the Luminescences festival, the largest light festival in eastern France. This exciting new feature helped to multiply winter attendance by a factor of 4, and above all helped the park beat its record by reaching and surpassing 100,000 visitors over this period.
Several new features for the summer: a new immersive enclosure for wallabies, a new area for forest animals with the relocation of the lynx to the park entrance, and a new Jungle Splash water play area.