Our history

Discover the story of a team of passionate people
at the service of 2000 animals

35 years of history

Combining Michel LOUIS’ childhood dream and Jean-Marc VICHARD’s passion for animals, the Amnéville Zoological Park opened its doors on June 28, 1986.

Today, the zoo covers 18 hectares and has about 2,000 animals from all five continents. It represents one of the greatest biodiversity in France, with an average of 200 species in the whole park.

Between 100 and 160 people are employed throughout the year to ensure the well-being of the animals. They are also the ones who prepare your visit, in order to welcome you in the best possible conditions. An average of 400,000 visitors are expected each year, curious to discover each of our species!

All trades

From the management, to the caretakers and the work-maintenance team, all the trades are represented: the Zoo is a designer, architect, earthworker, mason, roofer, welder, locksmith, plumber, electrician, decorator, landscaper, veterinarian, ethologist, cook, graphic designer, salesman, accountant, film-maker, press officer, educator, etc…

As an example, the gigantic “Orang-Utan’ Jungle” installation was entirely realized by the zoo’s technical team, from the foundations to the roof of the building.

The park over the years

1986 - Creation of the park

Foundation by Michel LOUIS & Jean-Marc VICHARD with 200 animals.

1987 - Launch of the conservation

First conservation program

1990 - Top 10 French zoos

Arrival of new species: Siberian tiger, wild dogs, Chilean flamingos.

1996 - Arrival of the hippos

To celebrate the 10 years, creation of a new structure to welcome a couple of hippos.

1997 - Creation of the vivarium

Spread over more than 900m², it is one of the largest vivariums in France. It welcomes species from the 5 continents thanks to the thirty terrariums available.

1999 - Polar Bear Space

Creation of a 1300m² space for polar bears with a waterfall and a large 20m*6m pool.

2000-2003 - Creation of the African reserve

Beginning of the construction of the African zone with the arrival of the elephants in 2000.
In 2001, the African plain welcomes giraffes, zebras, cobs and antelopes.
In 2003, extension of the area with the arrival of rhinoceroses.

2003 - Opening of the sea lions bay

Creation of a space for California sea lions. Composed of an indoor building and several ponds, including one with a million liters of water.

2007 - Inauguration of the orangutan jungle

One of the largest facilities in Europe with movement spaces adapted to the needs of the species, giving them up to 11m in height.

2009 - Creation of the Sky Predator Zone

Development of a space of more than 20 000m² dedicated to birds of prey.

2010 - Mini immersive farm

After several changes, the immersive space of the mini farm is organized in the way we know it now.

2012 - Gorilla'camp

Creation of one of the largest areas in the world for gorillas with 10,000m² adapted to their needs.

2015 - Tiger world

Creation of a 16,000m² hall for the creation of the tiger show.

2017 - The forest of bears

3,000m² space for brown bears.

2020 - Acquisition by prudentia capital

Implementation of a new management with a pedagogical reorientation: closing of Tiger World and development of sea lion and bird presentations.

2021 - Extended reality world & new playground

Creation of the largest playground in the greater east and the world's largest hologram show within the auditorium.

2022 - New Arctic zone

Expansion of the Arctic wolf enclosure and renovation of the polar bear enclosure.