Spend a day at the Zoo

Live a moment filled with emotions, traveling the 4 corners of the world to discover the nature

Experience a magical moment

A set of experiences and shows to live and share.

Exhibition "The body world of animals"

Discover the body world of animals from June 24 to September 30 at the Saarlandhalle in Saarbrücken!

A playful visit where you get a discount of 4€ on your zoo ticket!

Come and enjoy our new freshness!

Enjoy water fun with water jets, fog screens and misting arches.

A new area added to the Children’s Territory to extend the adventure of our playground.

Educational activities are back on track!

Discover the backstage of the Zoo, meet our animals, cleaning and feeding,… The job of animal caretaker will have no more secret for you, after this half-day close to our animals!

Marvel at the diversity of the animal world

You can discover more than 2,000 animals from all over the world.

Animals of North America

Discover our polar bears, our arctic wolf pack, our sea lions, and more…

Animals of Europe

To observe more closely the animals of our country: lynx, brown bears, pink flamingos, steppe eagles,…

The animals of Africa

Learn more about the many species of the African continent: spotted hyenas, fennecs, sand cats, lions, gorillas,…

The animals of Asia

Dive into the heart of Asian biodiversity: tigers, orangutans, panthers, siamangs,…

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