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Our commitments

Initially conceived as places of leisure, zoological parks have become, over the years, actors in the conservation of animal species.

In Situ Actions

In Situ” actions aim to preserve animal species directly in their natural environment.

The Amnéville Zoo supports numerous nature protection associations around the world, including Borneo Nature Foundation in Indonesia, Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Africa and Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative in South America.

Thanks to the donations collected during conservation days, the Amnéville Zoo is able to directly finance the actions of these associations: purchase of equipment, salaries, awareness campaigns, reforestation,…

Ex Situ Actions

Ex-situ actions, “in captivity”, correspond to conservation actions carried out outside the natural environment, as is the case in zoos. At Amnéville Zoo, there are about 200 species, some of which are classified as threatened or in danger of extinction.

As a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), we participate in various EEPs (EAZA Ex situ Programmes). These programs allow us to maintain genetically viable populations of animals. To do so, a coordinator centralizes all data from European zoos concerning a given species and makes recommendations for breeding plans. The coordinator also informs the zoos about ongoing research on the species and the situation in the wild. Currently, about 70 species present in Amnéville Zoo benefit from this program, including Sumatran orangutans and white rhinoceroses.

For some species, these reproductions allow reintroductions in the natural environment. Here, three species are part of reintroduction programs: the bearded vulture, the Ural owl and the white-tailed eagle. Indeed, the young of these couples will strengthen the European wild populations.


We are committed to communicating more and more on these subjects that are so important for wildlife. These moments of exchange, sharing and awareness are essential in raising the collective consciousness. At Amnéville Zoo, we wish to be the intermediary between the public, which has a primordial role to play, and the organizations that have the expertise.

Each year, we organize days on the theme of conservation, which aim to tell you about the situation of certain species. More information will be communicated to you soon.