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5-Egg Hunt 2023

On the occasion of the Easter weekend, on April 7, 8, 9 and 10, come and browse the alleys of the Zoo in search of hidden eggs!

Like every year at Easter, Mister Lupin is getting ready to distribute chocolate eggs! But our dear rabbit, an explorer at heart, has decided this year to go on an adventure and hide eggs in the 5 continents of our planet!

Will you be able to find 5 of them, in different colors?


Upon your arrival, a guide will be distributed to you. Read it carefully before you start looking for the eggs!

Each child will have to find 5 eggs of 5 different colors hidden throughout the Zoo!

Once you have succeeded, you will have to fill in the coupon at the end of the guide. Then go to the exit of the Zoo with it… That’s where your child will be able to collect his reward!


  • It is useless to come back with more than 5 eggs, you have to leave some to the others.
  • It’s not a race against the clock either, there will be enough for everyone.
  • Respect the areas forbidden to the public: do not walk anywhere! The eggs are easily accessible.
  • Remember that you are in a zoo and that the welfare of the animals is the priority here, so keep calm and do not run around.
  • Without the coupon and the 5 eggs, we won’t be able to give you the reward, so be careful not to lose the guide!


  • The egg hunt is open continuously during April 7, 8, 9 and 10, from 10 am to 6:30 pm
  • The animation is accessible with any Zoo ticket (annual pass, CSE ticket,…)
  • No registration required to participate
  • One participation per child allowed
  • Remember to bring your own bag to deposit the eggs collected
  • A pen to fill out the coupon can also be useful


  • From April 15 to 30, enjoy a scavenger hunt on the theme of births.
  • New feedings are coming! Meet the hippos, wolves and more!
  • The educational activities are available again… Enjoy them here!