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Sea lions

The sea lion experience is exceptional, as much in the enormity of the installation as in the innovative methods used by our animal keepers. They will showcase the natural behaviour of sea lions, raise our awareness about the problem of polluted oceans and reveal sea lions’ extraordinary intelligence, equal to that of the dolphin!

The public will marvel at the bonds between the animal keepers and their sea lions, including the dominant males, who can nevertheless reveal themselves as dangerous; this tends to be overlooked when seeing the keepers and the sea lions play about in the water like two friends at the swimming pool!

Birds of prey

Zoo d'Amneville - Rapace

A magnificent experience of birds of prey in free flight is presented to you by the falconers on horseback at Amnéville Zoo. An enormous arena (2,500 seats) transports you into the fantastical world of these predators of the sky!

Playful and educational at the same time, this experience shows the techniques of hunting with falcons, Harris’s Hawk and Fisher Eagles. It encourages us to protect these magnificent predators and respect their environment. The finale is breath-taking; more than sixty birds unleashed simultaneously, among them the largest birds of prey in the world!