Our universes

Discover all our universes, adapted for each of our species.

Animals of our forests

Come and meet our brown bears!

The territory of the felines

Come and meet our binturongs, caracals, coatis, mongooses, raccoons, panthers, tigers… And many more !

The Land of North America

Come and meet our Arctic wolves, Canadian otters and polar bears!

The tropical jungle

Come and meet our gorillas, wild dogs, parrots, bushpigs, meerkats… And many more!

Discover also one of the biggest vivarium of France, which welcomes species from 5 continents!

The Asian Jungle

Come and meet our orangutans, cloud rats and siamangs in one of the largest installations in Europe! Allowing our species to enjoy 11 m of height!

the territory of the little ones

Come and discover our mini immersive farm, close to our goats and sheep!

Come and meet our emus and wallabys!

The African Reserve

Come and meet our ostriches, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, rhinoceroses, zebras, …. And many more!

The land of South America

Come and meet our giant anteaters, rheas, tapirs, penguins,… And many more!

Take advantage of our South American aviary to discover our birds!

Predators of the sky

Come and meet our eagles, vultures, owls, parrots, ibises, storks,… And many more !

The bay of the sea lions

Come and meet our California sea lions in a one million liter water tank!