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Immersion with the Wallabies

Get up close to our wallabies in complete safety thanks to our immersive space!


The Bennett’s Wallaby is a small marsupial mammal native to Australia, inhabiting the coastal forests of eastern and southeastern Australia. Marsupials are typical of the Australian continent, but can also be found on other continents.

Unlike the kangaroo, the wallaby weighs no more than twenty kilos for a height of 1m. The kangaroo, on the other hand, can reach 90 kg for 1.80 m.


Immerse yourself in wallabies during your visit? It’s possible at Amnéville Zoo, and what’s more, it’s included in your zoo ticket!

Discreetly enter the intimacy of our wallabies thanks to their immersive enclosure. This living space has been designed so that you can observe them as closely as possible, while letting them evolve in complete serenity.

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