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Feeding the red pandas

Feeding the red pandas Come and discover this emblematic species with our scientific guide. Organize your day Bamboo lover Every day, the Red Panda consumes almost half its body weight in bamboo leaves, representing 90% of its diet. As bamboo is a low-calorie plant, the Red Panda spares itself as much as possible, sleeping more […]

Lynx feeding

Lynx feeding Meet us at the entrance to the zoo to hear our scientific animator talk about this discreet species that inhabits our forests. Organize your day A population on borrowed time With only 200 individuals recorded in France, this discreet carnivore is critically endangered on our territory. For this reason, a National Action Plan […]

Gorilla feeding

Feeding of the gorillas Attend one of the meals of our gorilla group. Our scientific animator will allow you to learn more about their way of life, their diet and the threats they face. Organize your day The largest of all primates As calm as impressive and far from the generally accepted ideas, the gorilla […]